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Sensors, Probe Assembly, SMTAS04 and SMTAS08
Our smart temperature sensors are available in a number of encapsulations: TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8L and others. The temperature sensors are available as naked die as well. On request the sensors can also be built in a customer specified encapsulation.

SMTAS08 Temperature Acquisition System for 8 Smartec Temperature Sensors. It was designed to get the best possible temperature measurement results with the SMT160 Smartec temperature sensors (absolute accuracy 0.7 , resolution 0.02 ), at little cost. With it, you don't have to develop your own hardware application to connect 8 SMT160-30 temperature sensors to a PC. This board does it for you.

For our temperature sensors an evaluation board, SMTAS04 is available, which allows for easy development and quick demonstration.

Evaluation Board SMTAS04

The temperature sensor kit can be connected directly to a PC via a COM port. No power supply is needed. The temperature of 4 sensors can be measured simultaneously en read out via a terminal program (Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP), or the data can processed by yourself using a simple program or script. The kit is based on a low cost 8 pin PIC processor and for convenience a flowchart of the processor software is included. The SMTAS04 USB is also available.

The Smart Temperature Acquisition System(SMTAS08) is an 8 channel temperature measurement system. It was designed to get the best possible temperature measurement results with the SMT160 Smartec temperature sensors. The SMT160 is a three-terminal integrated temperature sensor with a duty-cycle-modulated square-wave output signal

If the SMTAS08 board is equipped with the TO18 version of the SMT160 sensor, then an absolute accuracy of 0.7 is obtained. The resolution however is 0.02 !
The complete specification of the temperature sensor range is presented in the datasheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with the SMTAS08 manual. (You can download both at the SupportShop)

The SMTAS08 is equipped with a Microchip PIC16F876 microcontroller. An RS232 interface chip offers external serial communication with the microcontroller. In turn each of the sensors is powered by a corresponding processor output. An analog multiplexer (74HC4051), which is controlled by the microcontroller, selects one of the eight sensor outputs by connecting it to the microcontroller input port. The input is then sampled to measure the dutycycle for this sensor (represented by two counter values, t1 and t2). This process is repeated for each of the sensors, after which the 8 values of t1 and t2 are sent to the RS232 port.

For controlling and reading the SMTAS08 board, a Labview program is available (see picture underneath) as well as a Visual Basic program. Both can be downloaded from the Supportshop. The PIC processor assembly program listing can also be found there.

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